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While we strive to be of service to our customers, making an accurate inspection for a valid appraisal on artwork and antiques is next to impossible as an Internet Based Sales Entity.

However, in instances where the client believes he requires our particular expertise, we'd be glad to travel to inspect large collections, or items of significant importance. Generally, all travel-related expenses would fall upon the person requesting the appraisal of his property. The final option would be shipping your items to us at the David Chase Gallery. We could then perform a "hands on" inspection here, and make the appropriate valuation. Shipping costs in BOTH directions would be at the customer's expense. And this service is offered only on a case-by-case basis at our discretion. It must be discussed personally with owner, Cliff Catania, before sending any items here. At that time, the Gallery's fee for the proposed services can be discussed and agreed upon in advance. Payment for appraisals is to be made in advance.

In any case, please remain aware that all markets fluctuate. Things can change quickly and radically, in a completely unpredictable fashion for better or for worse. Therefore, we do not generally consider appraisals older than six months completely accurate any longer. And, under no circumstances, will we be responsible in any way for profits or losses due to our valuations, opinions, or official "appraisal services".

As a matter of information, a simple valuation on a single Icart, or Boudoir etching, would currently cost $50.00. You would receive an Appraisal Certificate, for current "replacement" value, from the Owner on the David Chase letterhead form.

Feel free to Email or call for more details.

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