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PrePay: All merchandise must be fully prepaid before shipped or transferred to the Buyer. Cash: An antiquated form of payment that we still accept rarely. Check: Both personal and business checks are gladly accepted, but must fully "clear" before items are delivered to Buyer. The true process of "clearing" requires a cycle through parent bank and funds being successfully delivered to ours. That might take from 7-14 days!!! If you don't mind that extra wait, feel free to use checks.

Money Orders: On small to mid-level purchases, Bank or Postal Money Orders are a cheap way to get your items sent out by us within 1-2 days; they usually work as well as cash.

Bank Transfer: You may wish to make a direct transfer of funds from your bank account to ours. This insures very quick shipment without payment delays. Just call to arrange the details of proper "routing".

Trade: Trades are sometimes permitted on a case by case basis, at our discretion, but are not always to the best advantage of both parties in a transaction.

Upgrade: Using past purchases to "upgrade" toward a new purchase is not permitted by our policies. Sorry.

Charge It: Charging via Visa, MasterCard, and American Express is accepted through Paypal only.

Layaway Policy: This must be approved by the Owner of David Chase Gallery in advance. By choosing this method of payment, the Buyer agrees to the conditions below, which become a binding agreement once initial payment is made.

Terms of Layaway: Four equal payments for the total including shipping costs and any applicable tax/duties: 25% up front; 25% per each month over next three months (paid on the anniversary day each month of the first payment). When 100% of the due amount is paid on the contract, then the item will be shipped to purchaser. If Buyer fails to make payment on any of the preassigned dates, both the item and monies already paid on that item to David Chase Gallery will become the full property of David Chase Gallery. In other words, previous payments will be non-refundable if Buyer fails to honor the ongoing payment schedule at any point in the contract. Therefore, ONLY request a Layaway Plan if you are absolutely certain that you can make all the payments on time, or you will lose your item and your money to us. We don't want to see this happen to anybody!

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