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Guarantee: All merchandise is unconditionally guaranteed as it is described. . (See separate Guarantee's Section)

Refunds: If item is mailed back within three days of receipt by customer, and arrives in same condition as which it was sent by us, then a full refund will be sent in the form of our business check within three days. However, our cost of the original shipping will be deducted from the refund.

Purchasing Restrictions: Individuals must be over 18 years of age to purchase from this Web Site.

Prior Sale: All items subject to prior sale.

Layaways: Layaways are permitted on an item by item basis at the Owner's discretion. If buyers do not complete the agreement according to the payment schedule, both merchandise and all prior payments will revert in full to David Chase Gallery. (See specific details in "Payments" section)

Credit Cards: The return priviledge on credit card purchases is NOT extended beyond the usual three day inspection period for any reason. Also, shipping costs are not refundable. So, Buyer would be required to reimburse David Chase Gallery for shipping costs before return of credit card purchases is approved.

Legal Remedies: By ordering an item from David Chase Gallery's web site, the customer agrees that his only legal remedy is a full refund on the purchase of the merchandise in question. We are not responsible for any peripheral financial losses or emotional stress experienced.

Pursuit: David Chase Gallery will aggresively pursue legal remedies against any clients who deal with us in a fradulent, slanderous, or improper manner.

Trades: Purely at our discretion on a case by case basis.

Upgrading: Generally, returning past purchases to "upgrade" or "trade in" to another piece of merchandise will not be allowed. This is not a right that we guarantee. Therefore, beyond the three day initial "inspection period", the customer loses his right of return.

Confidentiality: Clients names, addresses, phone numbers and Email addresses are all kept strictly confidential. We do not share your information, or sell "lists".

Want Lists: If you request, we will keep you on our confidential "In-House" Want Lists for specific items that you're seeking. You will then be notified when such items become available in our inventory.

Non-Refundable Services: Services provided by outside consultants, such as custom framing, matting, and restoration, are not refundable.

Consignments: As a rule, we prefer to own the art and antiques that we sell. But occasionally, we accept consignments from other dealers and even customers. Consignment pieces will have a (C) after their title. Accepting an item for consignment to this site is solely at our discretion on a case by case basis. The consignor is completely responsible for verifying clear title of ownership. And we would only allow items of clear quality and authenticity to enter our site.

TERMS OF CONSIGNMENT: The fee we charge for hosting such "consignment" pieces is 15% of the sale price. But any additional costs we incurred (phone calls, travel, etc.) would be deducted above & beyond the 15%. The service we provide for that percentage fee includes, but is not limited to, this: Featuring a description of the item in the most appropriate scroll category on the site, with clear multi-sized color JPG-format images. As well as, managing inquiries, shipping and payments. The consignor would be required to supply us with a good quality JPG (computer) picture file of the item via Email or floppy disc. Or, the item could be shipped to us, at the Consigners full expense, for us to photograph here. There is a limit of five (5) items consigned at any one time by each individual and/or business. And, finally, no prior notice, or specific reason, will be required for us to terminate the consignment at any time.

Adult Materials: A trip to any fine Museum would demonstrate that there is a typical cross over between Art/Photography and human sexuality. As physical beings, we can not deny what we are; and some Artists show that beautifully or Provocatively. Therefore, in many instances human nudity may be depicted in works of Art or Fine Vintage Photography. Those individuals who are "sensitive" or "offended" by nudity should strive to avoid those places where honest art is prevalent, such as Museums, galleries, and the Internet. In America, freedom of speech is still preserved in these places, and upheld by our courts. Still, at David Chase Gallery, we will strive as best possible, to make everybody happy. The reasonable compromise is this:

Nudity is natural. Beautiful art and photographs will be shown & sold here. Some will contain nudity or provocative content. On the other hand, anything gross by the standards of the common citizen, or without true artistic merit, will be rejected here!. To buy any item depicting nudity, or controversial subject matter, the buyer MUST provide firm evidence that he is over 18; and sign a release attesting that purchasing the item would not violate any local ordinances where he lives. Once the initial transaction is fully completed, we obviously could no longer maintain any physical control over the further sale and/or distribution of the merchandise. The full legal responsibility for that would therefore revert to the buyer beyond that point in time.

Communications: Although we still own & use phones, we recommend that you place orders, and send questions, via Email. Since communication on the Internet is "free" over great distances, it'll serve you best. Most questions and "discussions" can be handled back & forth in this way at nearly no cost. But we'll gladly call you back if you really want to hear our voices.

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